BFFT becomes main sponsor of Ingolstadt`s triathlon

//BFFT becomes main sponsor of Ingolstadt`s triathlon

BFFT becomes main sponsor of Ingolstadt`s triathlon

Up to now, BFFT has only been involved in sponsoring professional sports like Ingolstadt`s soccer Team FC Ingolstadt 04.  By sponsoring the triathlon in Ingolstadt, BFFT is now sponsoring popular sports for the first time.

“Active participation in sport takes over multiple social functions: companionship, integration, fitness, fun, fairness – the benefits are varied. In turn, triathlon unifies the basics of sports: running, cycling, and swimming. There really is something for everyone and, therefore, we see this type of sport as an ideal corporate active-platform” explains BFFT executive Georg Behr.

By sponsoring sports BFFT hopes to not only gain publicity and enhance its image, but also give employees the chance to practice the sport. In the event of Ingolstadt`s triathlon, the staff is lead step-by-step through the triathlon challenge.   Organized running groups, diagnostics, training scheduling as well as different lectures have all been arrange by BFFT as a means of getting people excited about these three disciplines.

“In particular, the relay competition is a chance for employees to actively participate.” Georg Behr continues. “In any case, we are looking forward to this special event and we hope to have an impact on our team as well as those attending these local events.

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