BFFT Italia – Lamborghini Making Use Of Bavarian Electronics Expertise

//BFFT Italia – Lamborghini Making Use Of Bavarian Electronics Expertise

BFFT Italia – Lamborghini Making Use Of Bavarian Electronics Expertise

BFFT, the automotive engineering developer and longstanding development partner of AUDI AG, has opened a branch in Italy. The electronic specialists from Ingolstadt are located only a stone’s throw from customer Lamborghini.

When the sun is shining, as is so often the case in Sant’Agata, a municipality in the Italian province of Bologna, the BFFT employees are able to see how a new Lamborghini is produced from the comfort of their new office. Almost. This is because the headquarters of BFFT Italia Srl*, founded in March 2015, is only located 400 m away and is therefore within sight of the parent plant of the famous sports car manufacturer.

Once again, the customer is not located too far away in the Bavarian city of Ingolstadt, which is where the headquarters of BFFT can be found: BFFT is a longstanding development partner of AUDI AG. Within the context of this partnership, the automotive engineering developer has already received individual development orders for Lamborghini which has been part of Audi since 1998. For instance, the BFFT engineers developed a reversing system for the Italian sports cars.

In 2014, BFFT sent an employee to Lamborghini in order to provide the Italian engineers with onsite support during the planning and integration of the electrics (cabling) and electronics (control units) for the Aventador and Huracán models.

As a result of the excellent experience with the BFFT development work, a desire was soon expressed to intensify the cooperation. A further impulse for this was the increasing electrification in Lamborghini models. As a specialist for electronic development, e.g. with driver assistance systems, electrification and infotainment plus the good network within AUDI AG, BFFT is therefore the suitable partner.

“As an employer, BFFT Italia makes us even more attractive as we offer our employees more opportunities for international experiences”, says Frank Fichtner, CEO of the 100% BFFT subsidiary. The twin brother of the BFFT CEO Markus Fichtner is the Authorised Representative and Head of the Engineering Department at BFFT in Germany. He is supported in Italy by Horst Schwarz who is the Technical Manager of the branch. Within the context of the posting as an electrics/electronics planner, Mr Schwarz established a good network at Lamborghini and also speaks Italian. BFFT is currently seeking additional staff for the team in Italy which, over the next few months, will grow from the current number of five to up to 20 employees.

Two years ago, BFFT of America was founded in the Californian city of Belmont. Italy and California are pretty much equal in terms of the hours of sunshine. “Compared to travelling to the USA, the flight to our Italian branch only takes an hour – a significant advantage”, adds CEO Frank Fichtner with a wink who, as a passionate Italy fan, is also extremely interested in the country and the people of the new BFFT location.

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*The company is under the management and coordination of BFFT Gesellschaft für Fahrzeugtechnik mbH.

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