BFFT CEO Markus Fichtner on the THI Council

//BFFT CEO Markus Fichtner on the THI Council

BFFT CEO Markus Fichtner on the THI Council

Whether working with the Schanzer Racing Electric (Formula Student Team), Student’s Life (an initiative which aims to make the everyday lives of students on campus as comfortable as possible) or consult.IN (business consulting service) – BFFT has been successfully working for some years now in one form or another with the Technical University of Ingolstadt (THI). This collaboration will now be further enhanced because in October, BFFT founder and CEO Markus Fichtner joined the board of the University Council.

The University Council consists of ten external figures from science, business and industry and ten internal members, the elected members of the Senate. This includes six professors, one academic and one non-academic member of staff and two students. The members of the university’s management committee and its women’s representatives attend the meetings without voting rights. The maximum term for external university council members is eight years. The University Council has decision-making and supervisory responsibilities. It takes decisions, inter alia, on the constitution of the institution as well as new courses and elects the President and Vice-Presidents. The University Council is thus an integral part of the organization itself.

After the five out of the ten external members who had reached the end of their term of office stepped down, these posts were filled in early October. Also represented now on the University Council alongside Markus Fichtner are, Alexander Kessel, CEO of Kessel AG in Lenting, Ludwig Schlosser, CEO of VIB Vermögen AG, Martin Schuebel, EVP of Strategic Procurement at Airbus Helicopters, and Ralph Spangenberg, CEO of Media-Saturn-Holding. Prof. Dr. Hubert Waltl is the new chairman of the University Council of the Technical University of Ingolstadt (THI). The Manufacturing Board at AUDI AG made its selection for the most important body of the university at its board meeting on October 12. The Deputy Senate President is Prof. Dr. Cornelia Zehbold.

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