BFFT at the HR Excellence Awards 2015

//BFFT at the HR Excellence Awards 2015

BFFT at the HR Excellence Awards 2015

On December 2, 2015, all of BFFT looked to Berlin – and this time it wasn’t to the capital’s BFFT branch office, but to the HR Excellence Awards 2015 Ceremony. This prize is for innovative projects and campaigns in the field of human resources management in Germany.

All companies nominated in the contest’s 20 categories had to present their projects, in small groups, before a jury. BFFT had applied to three categories and was nominated in the areas “Benefits & Incentives” and “Recruiting Campaigns”. A six-member BFFT team traveled to Berlin from the headquarters in Gaimersheim and sweated through the two presentations, hoping to win over the jury. First, they presented the BFFT concept of innovative event programs for employee satisfaction – with the help of the BFFT Fansofa, brought to Berlin especially for this purpose. In the second presentation, the BFFT team introduced the “Playmaker”-Campaign, for which the company its partnership with FC Ingolstadt in early 2015 for a creative recruiting campaign. Both of these projects were brought about without any agency support.

The jury was enthusiastic about both presentations. However, it wasn’t enough to take first place at the awards ceremony, held later that evening in the ”TIPI am Kanzleramt”. CEO Markus Fichtner, who traveled to Berlin with the BFFT team, was nevertheless positive: “It’s too bad that we didn’t win, however our projects are created not to win prizes, but rather to offer our employees an attractive workplace. It’s the enjoyment at work that counts.”



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