BFFT e-bike campaign: all set for a summer of cycling!

//BFFT e-bike campaign: all set for a summer of cycling!

BFFT e-bike campaign: all set for a summer of cycling!

BFFT is the ‘somewhat different automotive engineering developer’, where staff orientation isn’t just a phrase on the website but something that actually comes alive through creative offerings and events. This summer BFFT is organising something really special for its employees: the BFFT e-bike campaign.

This innovative staff campaign was launched outside BFFT headquarters in Gaimersheim on 20th April in glorious sunny conditions ideal for cycling. With the help of the Willner Fahrradzentrum (cycle centre) in Ingolstadt, staff were able to find out about e-bikes and road-test a number of them as well. The BFFT marketing team was on hand to answer any questions about the campaign, and also provided drinks and snacks for those taking part.

The BFFT e-bike campaign aims to get BFFT staff to cycle as much as possible for a month from 23rd May to 22nd June – going to work, to barbecues, to the shops and so on. They’ll be able to record the distance they’ve cycled on the firm’s intranet. There too, the distance cycled by every employee will be updated daily and displayed, as well as the CO2 savings achieved. There are plenty of incentives to take part: promoting health, saving money, protecting the environment – and winning something! Every employee who takes part on at least three days within the campaign period will be entered into a draw for attractive prizes (like VIP tickets to FC Ingolstadt matches). Together with the Willner Fahrradzentrum, BFFT is also making ten e-bikes available for its staff to borrow for free, for riding to work but also for private cycle trips. So BFFT is all set for a summer of cycling!

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