BFFT shows its skills

//BFFT shows its skills

BFFT shows its skills

At the ELIV trade fair in Bonn on the 18th and 19th of October, BFFT presented a selection of its product portfolio to the assembled trade audience, thereby strategically positioning itself in the field of Autonomous Driving and demonstrating its strengths in the areas of driver assistance systems and digitization.

One of the products shown by the electronics specialists from Gaimersheim near Ingolstadt was its in-house HMI tool chain, which allows individual image and video sequences to be fed to a completely digital Audi instrument cluster. This approach enables impressive demonstrations of features that are planned for the future. BFFT also demonstrated the potential of the HMI interface at the stand: the instrument cluster displayed a driving simulator that could be controlled by visitors by means of a haptic interface.

The stand also exhibited the ADAS* trial model from the Audi Autonomous Driving Cup as its contribution to the theme “Piloted driving for the future”. The 1:8 scale silhouette of an Audi Q2 concealed the latest electronic measuring equipment such as front and 3D cameras, a total of ten ultrasonic sensors distributed around the model, and a measuring unit for direction, inclination and acceleration. This technology enables autonomous parking or driving functions such as traffic sign recognition or lane departure assistance to be tested away from public roads or vividly demonstrated at presentations. The model at the exhibition stand had another useful function: the built-in camera was used to scan the business cards of visitors and detect their e-mail addresses. Several exciting BFFT prizes were raffled among all the visitors whose cards were scanned.

The staff at the stand also presented the modular BFFT measurement case for driver assistance systems that performs such tasks as recording all relevant data during a test drive. The heart of the unit is a practical 19-inch barebone computer which can be upgraded with high-end Intel CPUs and up to 32GB RAM. The unit also includes a hot-swappable SSD rack with the sample configuration featuring an impressive 8 terabytes of storage capacity. The measurement unit is controlled by a state-of-the-art tablet with a specially programmed app.

At the evening event after the show, visitors were offered the opportunity to compete against world champion table-football and table-tennis players at the respective setting. As a special highlight, football legend Thomas “Icke” Hässler couldn’t resist the chance to prove his skills by challenging visitors to a goal wall shooting match.

All in all, the fair appearance at ELIV 2017 was a successful premiere. We look forward to exciting news and good discussions next year.

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