BFFT showcases forward-looking connectivity topics at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

//BFFT showcases forward-looking connectivity topics at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

BFFT showcases forward-looking connectivity topics at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Every day, our world grows more and more connected. This is something the electronics specialist BFFT from Gaimersheim near the Bavarian city of Ingolstadt recognized early on. Consequently, the company has been developing digital connectivity technology for cars for many years. Now, for the first time, BFFT has presented its portfolio at a global connectivity trade fair –Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. At the booth of parent company EDAG Engineering GmbH, the BFFT specialists showcased their innovative CShark automation tool as well as other highlights.

(Gaimersheim, March 8, 2018) – The more digital our lives become, the more challenging it is to connect all these services with each other. Smartphones with different operating systems have to be understood by different devices and work together in a global system. This applies especially to the automotive industry, where the question of how to achieve valid end-to-end protection of continuously evolving functions presents a particularly complex challenge. It is precisely here that BFFT and EDAG have positioned themselves as a strong team – at the interface between the collected vehicle data and the digital services derived from it. After all, in today’s world, data is the new currency.

At the joint booth of EDAG Engineering and BFFT, a lot of technology in terms of connectivity and big data was showcased. (Credits: BFFT)


In Barcelona, BFFT presented its CShark automation framework at the booth of its parent company EDAG. This basic modular framework allows customers to automatically test the various components of an infotainment system both individually and in the complete end-to-end chain. From simulation of the entire vehicle through to the subsequent comparison of the simulated data with a front end, BFFT covers the full security chain for in-vehicle online services. These tests can be conveniently managed and launched from a web portal or an app. “Customers can also use them to directly evaluate and share the test results,” explains Markus Fichtner, CEO of BFFT. As well as integrating software and apps into the automation framework, BFFT also offers the customized incorporation of hardware components into its proprietary system. CShark has been used in regular production since 2016 and is currently employed in the end-to-end protection of various mobile online services in the automobile sector.

BFFT’s automation framework “CShark” was one of the highlights at the booth. (Foto: BFFT)


BFFT has also positioned itself as an expert partner in the sphere of big data. Together with EDAG, the electronics specialists showed curious visitors how continuously collected vehicle data can be productively applied and marketed in the future. For example, machine learning and artificial intelligence could be used to optimize digital service applications, such as weather services or the real-time navigation to free parking spaces. In such scenarios, drivers would of course decide for themselves what data they want to release and what they want to withhold.

Our sincerest thanks to all the visitors and guests who showed interest in our products. BFFT is already looking forward to the next Mobile World Congress in 2019.

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