Stay fit for the team – BFFT health day 2018

//Stay fit for the team – BFFT health day 2018

Stay fit for the team – BFFT health day 2018

In line with our motto: “Stay fit for the team”, last Tuesday’s events were all about sporting activities. The in-house gym, under the direction of BFFT trainees, their vocational instructor Birgit Gugel, and the company’s health management team, represented by Daniel Zierer, was transformed into an experiential event for our employees.

From courses to lotteries and up to fitness analyses with professionals, everything was on offer that day. But let’s get started from the beginning: Those who had already made it through the morning the rush of interested BFFT employees could register for the “Quick Relaxation” and “Fascia Training” courses on offer. Over three different time slots spread throughout the day, professional trainers guided the staff through the various themes, for half an hour, giving them tips to apply to their everyday lives, as well as various approaches and activities for creating a more balanced, healthier lifestyle.

Speaking of healthy: For those who needed some sustenance, the trainees provided free smoothie bowls, which were transformed into really special highlights, with healthy toppings such as grated coconut, Chia seeds, and nutty muesli. Next door, the staff of the AOK medical aid fund had set up an information stand on healthy nutrition with all sorts of presentation material. In a lottery, the BFFT employees could win fantastic prizes such as a weekend to relax on the Bergknappenhof in Bodenmais, or two nights, including a spa stay, at the Infinity Hotel in Munich. In another competition, participants had to guess the number of pieces of whole-wheat pasta in a glass cylinder. The best guessers received a voucher from the event service, “Jochen Schweizer”.

Pain-afflicted employees were able to consult with the professionals form Wisse Orthopedics and Shoe Technology, whether the complaints could have something to do with faulty foot positioning. For this purpose, each subject was thoroughly tested by means of video analysis, as well as load measurement, i.e. the exact pressure distribution between the feet. In this way, the experts were able to assess incorrect positioning and advise on solutions.

Do you often feel a pinch in your back when you are working at your desk? In such a case, Penther & Partner’s practice for spinal rehabilitation would be able to help. In their mobile “Back Practice”, which was set up in front of the main entrance to the BFFT headquarters in Gaimersheim, the sports scientists used a special measuring device to determine the applied strength of the back muscles, at various angles. In this way, the subject knows exactly in which areas s/he has issues, and how s/he can counteract the pain with specific exercises.

In the afternoon, an informative and instructive day of activities came to an end. We would like to extend a big thank you to our BFFT trainees for their creative implementation and excellent organization of the event.

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