The BFFT SRD Fusion Engine – the future of autonomous driving

//The BFFT SRD Fusion Engine – the future of autonomous driving

The BFFT SRD Fusion Engine – the future of autonomous driving

In June 2018, a technological highlight by BFFT in the field of autonomous driving was premiered at the Automotive Testing Expo Europe in Stuttgart. The automotive technology developers presented their sensor raw data (SRD) fusion engine at the world’s leading event for automotive safety and reliability. The software engine, which creates an accurate environmental model based on arbitrary ADAS sensors, attracted much attention at the exposition.

The status quo for autonomous driving is a sensor fusion based on object lists, which are delivered by the sensors. To reach the next level in autonomous driving, future ADAS functions must be based on sensor raw data. Hereby, the benefits of different sensor technologies can be combined. Environmental models which are based on sensor raw data are becoming increasingly more important for OEMs as well as first-tier suppliers.

The BFFT SRD Fusion Engine serves to perceive the environment of the vehicle. The two functions gridmap (3D) and object tracking cover the recognition of static and dynamic elements in the vehicle’s environment. Radar, lidar and camera sensor raw data is currently integrated into the 360° data fusion. Furthermore, there exists the possibility to integrate further sensor types such as DGPS and ultrasound. What is special about the module-based functions programmed in C++ is that they can be implemented universally into the ADTF and ROS frameworks. In addition, the overall scope can be extended with the additional modules object classification and lane detection. Using sensor raw data fusion, it is possible to safeguard against ambiguous conditions and complex situations, such as overtaking objects. Depending on the desired requirements, the SRD Fusion Engine could be used to benchmark ADAS sensors, used as a reference model for the safeguarding of autopilots or used for data fusion for autonomous driving level 4 and above (SAE J3016).

The future of autonomous driving will change our mobility. In the future, intelligent software solutions for the safeguarding of vehicle environments will not only be implemented in the premium sector but will be of increasing use in various automotive fields. The innovative approach to the BFFT SRD Fusion Engine has raised automotive environment-sensing to a new level.

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