Trainees on GPS Journey

//Trainees on GPS Journey

Trainees on GPS Journey

For BFFT’s apprentices, the geocaching day in the old town of Ingolstadt was funny, surprising, and challenging.

On Monday, 07/23/2018, the trainees at BFFT discovered the old town of Ingolstadt through a geocaching excursion. Since the training year is about to end, the trainer Birgit Gugel organized a graduation event for trainees and dual students. Both current and future apprentices participated in the excursion. This event allowed them to get to know each other in a relaxed environment.

The starting point for the geocaching was the Schutterhof Beer Garden. Head of Human Resources Wolfgang Fries greeted the apprentices along with Birgit Gugel. The apprentices were already looking forward to the event. Next, the team guides of CITYHUNTERS explained the process and divided the trainees into groups. A supervisor from BFFT accompanied each team.

The teams had two hours to solve as many tasks as possible and earn points for each task. Equipped with a GPS device, a city map, and a roadbook, the apprentices embarked on their mission. The geographical coordinates led them to different stations where they discovered hidden clues. Varied logic tasks and creative puzzles put the skills of these teams to the test.

Trainee Raphael Siegle was very impressed by the excursion. “Geocaching was definitely very fun. It allowed us to discover interesting places in the city that we wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. Whenever our group solved a problem, it spurred us on to tackle the next task.”

The route took the trainees across the city, passing the most important landmarks of Ingolstadt. The tasks were often linked to historical events and legends, introducing the trainees to the city’s history in a playful way. Trainer Birgit Gugel was also very satisfied with the course of the trip: “Geocaching is a varied activity that promotes team spirit among the trainees. This allowed the supervisors, current apprentices, and new apprentices to get to know each other better.”

Once all the groups returned, the team guides announced the placements and distributed the certificates. The trainees ended the day with a leisurely get-together at the Schutterhof Beer Garden.

BFFT trainees have only recently taken center stage: the Government of Upper Bavaria awarded the Bavarian State Prize to trainees Eva Fürst and Chiara Capriati for their excellent achievements.

Are you interested in training at BFFT? The automotive developer places great emphasis on attractive working conditions and comprehensive supervision of trainees. The Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) of Munich and Upper Bavaria recognized BFFT as an IHK-certified training company.

Under “Training at BFFT” you can find more information about various training paths.

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