Start of training at BFFT

//Start of training at BFFT

Start of training at BFFT

On 3 Sep 2018, a few more new young faces got started at BFFT. In addition to two office management apprentices and an IT specialist in application development, for the first time a trainee started in the area of audio and visual media design at BFFT. It was not just the trainees that had their first day. They were joined by two female dual study students (Industrial Engineering and Electrical Engineering & Information Technology) as well as a male dual study student (Computer Engineering).

To make the start for the new trainees and dual study students easier, Training Manager Birgit Gugel organised a networking event for the professionals of tomorrow. On Monday 23 Jul 2018, the trainees discovered Ingolstadt’s old town on a BFFT geocaching trip and had therefore already had the opportunity to meet some of the new faces.
BFFT has been training employees successfully for more than ten years. In the training year just gone, two BFFT trainees were honoured with the State Prize for Upper Bavaria for excellent performance in their professional training. BFFT has been certified by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) for Munich and Upper Bavaria as a training organisation since 2014 thanks to its high quality training system.

BFFT wishes its trainees and dual study students a pleasant start to their professional careers and all the best in this new phase of life. You can find more information on the topic of training at

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