5 years Regensburg site – BFFT table football contest 2018

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It handles everything from the compilation of specification booklets to series production: The BFFT office in Regensburg has been growing and flourishing since March 2013. By now, the team boasts more than 100 members, who work primarily on the series production ready development of software & controller devices. Actually, on Tuesday, March [...]

Fun in the snow instead of office and workshop: The BFFT Winter Sports Day 2018 in Sudelfeld

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Team spirit, good fun with your co-workers outside of work and joint celebrations – that’s the formula Ingolstadt, Germany based automotive technology developer and electronics expert BFFT deploys every year when hosting special major events for the company’s employees. In 2018, a packed coach with winter sports fans from BFFT, the subsidiary [...]

Traditional carnival activity at BFFT

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In 2018, the fifth season once again did not bypass BFFT. What began many years ago as a fun performance amid a small audience, has since evolved into a tradition that is a fixture on the BFFT calendar: the annual Carnival show in the production facilities of BFFT’s headquarters in Gaimersheim, Germany. [...]

BFFT Fanmobile on tour: Danube Derby & site visit

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BFFT and FC Ingolstadt (FCI) have been on the ball together since 2010. But unlike most football sponsorships, BFFT focuses on an active connection and a lively exchange with its employees. Since last week, the ball has once again been rolling over the "sacred turf" of the German stadiums in the second Bundesliga. [...]

Special Fansofa for the last home game of 2017: “SchanzenGeber” and “11 für 11” on the BFFT Fansofa

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People with disabilities were also offered the chance to enjoy the BFFT Fansofa at the match between FC Ingolstadt 04 and Eintracht Braunschweig on 04 December, which was dedicated to the "SchanzenGeber" CSR* initiative and the "11 für 11" campaign. BFFT’s long-term partnership with FC Ingolstadt 04 and close cooperation with Peter [...]

Successful first racing season for rising star Fabian Vettel

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At the start of the racing season, BFFT entered new territory as a sponsor, as did Fabian Vettel as a racing driver. Working together as a team, they launched the Audi Sport TT Cup project. Motorsport had long been a fascinating topic for BFFT, and Fabian was exactly the kind of person [...]

First time on the podium: Fabian Vettel finishes second at the Nürburgring

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The winning qualities of young racer Fabian Vettel were already clearly evident in the previous race. The younger brother of Formula 1 ace Sebastian Vettel already came close to a place on the podium on the Norisring in Nuremberg, but a driving error shortly before the end of the race cost him [...]

Side by side since 2014: BFFT enters the new season with ERC Ingolstadt

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The BFFT Fan Box (similar to the BFFT Fan Sofa at FC Ingolstadt 04) was launched at ERC Ingolstadt in January 2014. Since then, people have been enjoying the best views of the ice and emotional hockey experiences from there. The box boasts comfortable, authentic BFFT fittings (including beer table set and [...]

Season opener FC Ingolstadt vs. FC Union Berlin with Berlin colleagues

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BFFT has been one of the close partners of soccer club FC Ingolstadt 04 since the 2010/2011 season and has rapidly expanded its sponsoring engagement of the team, e.g. the now nationally-known BFFT fan sofa was dreamed up in line with the brand’s claim “We move people”. Since its debut in the [...]

High ropes course training event for BFFT trainees

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Once again, as another challenging year of apprenticeship came to an end, there was a team training event at the Simply Outdoor high ropes course in Etting near Ingolstadt on Monday, July 24, 2017 to thank the trainees at BFFT for their good teamwork. The training event was followed by a picnic [...]