Communication is everything

So that everything works in the car – our all-rounder CShark, a modular automation framework with dimensions

The car has long since changed from a vile means of transport to a modern companion. The smartphone is fully integrated, specially developed infotainment apps communicate while driving with the outside world and the driver sits in the middle. So that all this beautiful new technology does not distract and above all works flawlessly, EDAG BFFT, the innovative electronics developer, has developed its automation framework “CShark”.

EDAG BFFT’s automation framework “CShark” was one of the highlights at the exhibition stand in Barcelona. (Photo: EDAG BFFT Electronics)

Just recently, EDAG BFFT showed its skills to a wide audience at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Highlight at the booth of the parent company EDAG Engineering GmbH was the automation framework “CShark”. With this modular framework, various infotainment system components can be automated both individually and in the complete end-to-end chain. From simulating the entire vehicle to subsequently comparing the simulated data with a frontend, EDAG BFFT covers the entire chain of vehicle online services.

These tests can be managed, started and then displayed graphically conveniently via a web portal or an app. “From there, test results can be evaluated and distributed directly”, explains Markus Fichtner, EDAG BFFT Managing Director.

In addition to integrating software and apps in the automation framework, EDAG BFFT offers customer-specific connection of hardware components to the self-developed system, takes the system on-site on demand and aids customers with technical support and training. “CShark” has been in mass production since 2016 and is currently being used for end-to-end protection of various mobile online services in the automotive industry